STAR WARS 1977 Blueprint Portfolio Set
STAR WARS 1977 Blueprint Portfolio Set

First edition vintage collectable

The STAR WARS BLUEPRINTS PORTFOLIO is a unique set of detailed design drawings for the sets and effects of the original movie, including the Cantina at Mos Eiseley, The Millenium Falcon, Luke’s Landspeeder, The Sandcrawler, The interior of the Dealth Star and more, laid out in exact scale and detail. Any one of them would look cool framed.

15 blueprints printed on heavy paper, all stored in the origiinal black and clear plastic portfolio they came in. The blueprints are in mint condition; the portfolio case is a little wrinkled but the snap and seams are all intact and in very good shape. Each blueprint is  13 1/8″ x 19″ size. Portfolio size is 7 1/2″ x 10″.  Printed by Ballentine Books. Only one available.

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STAR WARS 1977 Iron-On Book
STAR WARS 1977 Iron-On Book


Original book with set of sixteen fantastic designs you can transfer to any fabric. Kid and adults everywhere wore these t-shirts in 1977 and beyond. Condition is good, however, the images have transferred slightly, causing a ghosting effect to the backs of some of the other transfer pages, but they’re still all there in original vibrant colors.

(Disclaimer: These are 40 year old iron-on transfers from the ’70s. Using these as working iron-ons is not recommended and is highly doubtful to transfer as originally intended.) But the art is still crisp and clean and classic STAR WARS. Only one book available.

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STAR WARS 1977 LP Vinyl Record Album Set
STAR WARS 1977 LP Vinyl Record Album Set

First edition vintage collectable

The Original Soundtrack from the 20th Century Fox Film STAR WARS Conducted by John Williams, Performed by the 87 pc. London Symphony Orchestra in 1977. This is the original record album Pressed by 20th Century Records. Purchased in 1977 from a Musicland in Rochester, MN. The cover artwork is all black, so there are a few scratches and worn areas visible, but overall it’s in great shape. Nice clean graphics of Darth Vader on the back.

The 2 disks were played just a couple times in 1977, and the quality is still amazing in 2017! It has the ambiance of recorded vinyl— a few clicks and pops, but rich vibrant stereo sound only a vinyl record can produce. Includes Princess Leia’s Theme, the Imperial Attack theme, a total of 16 tracks, 74 minutes long. Includes original paper record jacksts. Plus, it includes a very informative liner sheet, describing the movie action matching each sound track, along with John Williams’ comments about each composition. Also included with the original album is a mail-in offer for an “Official Star WARS T-Shirt” $5.00 for adults, $4.50 for children’s sizes! One original 2 record set available and it’s gone.

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STAR WARS 1977 MAD / Cracked Magazines Set of 3
STAR WARS 1977 MAD / Cracked Magazines Set of 3

First edition vintage collectables

MAD was the premier humor magazine for decades, and in 1977 they were at the top of their game with a satire of STAR WARS. MAD No.196 from January 1978 STAR ROARS features Lube Skystalker, Princess Laidup, Ham Yoyo, Chewbacco, Oldie Von Moldie, the robots Barstool and Cree-Pio, and the rest of the STAR WARS universe as only MAD Magazine could imagine it! Great cover with Alfred E. Neuman as the Evil Zader!

MAD Magazine No. 203 from December 1978 features “The Force and I”, a STAR WARS Musical. Funny stuff! Both MADS feature great cover art paintings by MAD artist Jack Rickard.

BONUS!: FREE STAR WARS CRACKED MAGAZINE included. Cracked was a big rival of MAD back then, and did their own pardody of STAR WARS characters. Included is Cy-Threepiu and Arty-Ditto’s “A Souvenir Photo Album of their Visit to Earth”,  a full color inside front and back cover painting by Powers featuring the “STAR BAR” Cantina with the aliens all laughing at Sylvester P. Smythe, CRACKED Magazine’s janitor and cover boy! Cover date of January 1978. All 3 are in fair to good shape, some edge wear and corner rounding and a slight tear in the CRACKED back cover but otherwise in good shape with all interior artwork intact.

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STAR WARS 1977 Marvel Comics #1-10
STAR WARS 1977 Marvel Comics #1-10

First edition vintage collectables

In 1977, the very first Star Wars comics were released. The ones you see here were purchased from the local drug store in my tiny southeastern Minnesota hometown. We knew which day comics were delivered, so we were able to get the very first issues. I collected the first 10 issues. I read them once, and they went into collector sleeves, into my closet and into the past. I opened them up recently and scanned the covers. You can see they’re in near mint condition. No tears, scratches or other damage.  The corners are all clean and unworn and have been stored in plastic pouches. Fantastic shape for comics printed 40 years ago!

#1-6 illustrate the Star Wars original story faithfully from beginning to end. These are the original issues as they were printed in 1977 by Marvel- not reprints. I only have one of each and they’re gone.

BONUS: Buy issues 1-6, and receive issues #7-10 FREE! Issues #7-10 do not follow the storyline of the sequals / prequels, but are an interesting spin-off of the STAR WARS franchise.

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STAR WARS 1977 Movie Press Kit #1
STAR WARS 1977 Movie Press Kit #1

First edition vintage collectable

This is very rare. It’s the first press kit sent out to newspapers and magazines back in the 1970’s for entertainment editors. Includes everything a newspaper or magazine would need to publish an article about the original STAR WARS movie. The Kit includes a wealth of pre-release information about the movie. This was before desktop computers, so everything is HAND TYPED!

Includes film synopsis, biographies of the cast and crew, production notes, and more. Fascinating stories from cast and crew. Find out what nickname Mark Hammill and George Lucas have in common, and why that nickname led Lucas to grow a beard! Includes a 20 page pressbook of black and white newspaper ads in varying column widths and heights to go into newspapers. The newspaper ads are copyrighted 1976.

Probably the best part of the Press Kit is a set of 10 original high gloss black and white photos from the movie. These were printed on high resolution heavy photo paper and had two purposes. One was for reprinting in newspapers. The images were also used as lobby cards. Movie theaters used to have wooden frames on the wall which held photos from movies. Once the movie was done playing at a location, the lobby cards were typically tossed in the garbage. These photos / lobby cards are unused and came with the original Press Kit. They are in very good condition with no bends or scratches and no yellowing. They come in their original paper jacket. Over time, the glossy varnish has developed some faint minor pinhole size irregularities in the glossy varnish layer of several of the photos, which is not uncommon and does not distract from the crisp, vibrant photography. Each image was definitely chosen to catch the eye whether published in the newspaper or displayed in the theater.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the letter sent with the kit from 20th Century Fox Advertising and Publicity Manager, informing me “to keep this matter to myself, as I cannot send out press-books to everyone in Minneapolis.”

• 100 pages of film synopsis, biographies, production notes, etc.

• 20 page pressbook with newspaper ads for use by movie theaters

• Ten high resolution glossy photo lobby cards, each 8 1/8″ x 10 1/4″ in size of scenes from the movie

• Signed letter referring to the Press Kit from 20th Century Fox Advertising and Publicity Dept.

• Outer folder with STAR WARS logo has some creases and spine wear and has taken most of the wear in protecting the inside items. Hand typed pages are on a variety of typing papers, so some have aged (yellowed) more than others with minor edge irregularites on the botoom edges of some of the pages. Everything else is in good to very fine shape.

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STAR WARS 1977 Musical Score Book
STAR WARS 1977 Musical Score Book

First edition vintage collectable

The original vintage Musical Score Book from 1977 – in very good condition. Like many STAR WARS items, the cover is black, and shows some light wear along the spine. Printed on glossy heavyweight stock, this is a deluxe suouvenir folio of music selections, photos and stories from the STAR WARS movie.

Contains the musical scores from 4 STAR WARS pieces composed by John Williams. 1) The main title piano solo; 2) Main Title Sketch Score; 3) Princess Leia’s Theme Piano Solo; and 4) Cantina Band Sketch Score. Plus lots of color and black and white photos from the STAR WARS movie. 9″ x 12″, 64 pages. Copyrighted 1977 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, 2nd printing.

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STAR WARS 1977 Picture Album
STAR WARS 1977 Picture Album

First edition vintage collectable

The STAR WARS Picture Album is an incredible behind the scenes story of the sci-fi movie that started it all. This is an amazing collection of high quality photos and stories in a glossy heavyweight softcover book in near mint condition. The front and back covers have paintings by the Hildebrandt Brothers.

Beginning with the movies that inspired George Lucas to in-depth stories of characters, actors, sets, and all the cool sci-fi robots, spacehips and hardware. Cool behind the scenes, rarely shown photos of Industrial Light and Magic workers constructing and filming models of the Millenium Falcon, Imperial Cruiser, building the Landspeeder, and much more. Even includes a glossary of official STAR WARS terms. Know what a Dianoga is? You’ll have to buy the book to find out!

8 1/4″ x 11 size, 76 pages filled with color and black and white photos. Minor blemishes. Only one available.

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STAR WARS 1977 Time, People and American Film Reviews Set of 3
STAR WARS 1977 Time, People and American Film Reviews Set of 3

First edition vintage collectables

Before the internet, people got their information from newspapers and magazines. Some publications were considered the official word on various topics, and the reviews of the movies in these 3 magazine issues helped to influence STAR WARS into blockbuster status. All are in very good shape with just a few light blemishes. The People Magazine has a small tear in one corner.


This TIME magazine is famous for calling STAR WARS Best Film of the Year the same month it came out. Talk about an understatement! Time was quoted on posters, movie ads in newspapers and everywhere else. Cover date of May 30, 1977.


People Magazine was only a couple years old back in 1977, and the magazine had stories dedicated to the movie. Fun photos include R2D2 and C3PO (Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels)riding double on a mini-mini bike! Cover date of July 18, 1977.


Probably the most complimentary story George Lucas could hope for. American Film was just a couple years old, and already known for their in-depth analysis of the movie industry. American Film interviews George Lucas, Part of the reason he made the movie, he says, was because an entire generation of children was growing up without fairy tales. Fascinating reading.

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STAR WARS 1977 Topps Movie Photo Cards & Stickers Sets 1,2,3
STAR WARS 1977 Topps Movie Photo Cards & Stickers Sets 1,2,3

First edition vintage collectable

Topps released the original Star Wars collector cards beginning in 1977. Each set contains a stunning variety of photos taken from the original movie. Each card looks as good as the day they were first printed. An amazing 230 cards and stickers total! Each is 2.5″ x 3/5″ in size. Mint condition. No bent corners, folds, scratches or curling. Collected and stored back in 1977 until opened recently.

Each set contains 66 heavyweight collector cards, The fronts of the cards feature full color photos from the original 1977 movie. The backs of each card feature a variety of artwork and photos which make up 2 picture puzzles per set. Other cards contain storylines, statistics about the movie actor’s profiles and more. Also a partial wax cover wrapper for each of the 3 sets, cut to the size of the cards with the back of the wrapper removed. Sorry, the sticks of gum are long gone.

These are complete sets 1, 2, and 3. Note: One missing card #143.

Set 1 contains cards 1 – 66, and stickers 1 – 11.

The backs of Card Set 1 contain the following:

28 section picture puzzle of group artwork by A. Napoli.

16 pc. interior cockpit photo puzzle of Millenium Falcon with Han, Chewie, Obie Wan, and Luke Skywalker.

11 piece story line summary

11 piece movie facts


Set 2 contains cards 67 – 132, and stickers 12 – 22.

The backs of Card Set 2 contain the following:

24 section photo puzzle of Chewbacca (14″ x 15″)

20 section photo puzzle of Tuscan Raider (12.5″ x 14″)

11 pc. Actor’s Profiles

11 pc. Movie Facts


Set 3 contains cards 133 – 198, and stickers 23-33.

The backs of Card Set 3 contain the following:

24 section photo puzzle of R2D2 and CP30 in front of Luke’s X wing fighter. (14″ x 15″)

20 section photo puzzle of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo. (14″ x 12.5″)

22 official description cards of the movie plot.

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STAR WARS Famous Monsters 1977-1978 Magazines SET OF 5
STAR WARS Famous Monsters 1977-1978 Magazines SET OF 5

First edition vintage collectable

Steven King is a big fan of Famous Monsters of Filmland, a magazine he says changed his life. Several issues of Famous Monsters were dedicated to the original 1977 Star Wars movie including full color covers. Plus, each issue contains really cool stories and photos from hundreds of other sci-fi movies including Close Encounters to Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Plus lots of great ads for offers including masks, makeup and much much more for STAR WARS and other sci-fi / monster movies of filmland!

Each FM is 8 1/2″ x11, packed full of 50 to 132 pages of amazing photos and stories. Published by Warren. Also includes a Science Fantasy Winter 1977 issue with lots more STAR WARS photos and stores. All together a STAR WARS / monster mash oveload! Only one copy of each available and then they’re gone! Sold as a set of 5.


FAMOUS MONSTERS ISSUE #138 STAR WARS OCT 77 98 pages w/ R2-D2 cover painting by Don Maitz

FAMOUS MONSTERS ISSUE #139 STAR WARS DEC 77 74 pages w/ Darth Vadar / C-3P0 Hollywood Walk of Fame cover

FAMOUS MONSTERS ISSUE #142 STAR WARS – APR 78 132 pages w/ Darth Vadar fold-out cover

SCIENCE FANTASY ISSUE CDC-00205 FEATURING STAR WARS 22″ X 32″ Poster – Winter 1977 70 pages

All in very good shape with a few light bend marks.

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