1977 STAR WARS Marvel Comics #1-10

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First edition vintage collectables

In 1977, the very first Star Wars comics were released. The ones you see here were purchased from the local drug store in my tiny southeastern Minnesota hometown. We knew which day comics were delivered, so we were able to get the very first issues. I collected the first 10 issues. I read them once, and they went into collector sleeves, into my closet and into the past. I opened them up recently and scanned the covers. You can see they’re in near mint condition. No tears, scratches or other damage.  The corners are all clean and unworn and have been stored in plastic pouches. Fantastic shape for comics printed 40 years ago!

#1-6 illustrate the Star Wars original story faithfully from beginning to end. These are the original issues as they were printed in 1977 by Marvel- not reprints. I only have one of each and they’re gone.

BONUS: Buy issues 1-6, and receive issues #7-10 FREE! Issues #7-10 do not follow the storyline of the sequals / prequels, but are an interesting spin-off of the STAR WARS franchise.

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