1995 Toy Story Burger King Kids Meal Toys Set of 8 Figurines


Manufacturer: Disney / Burger King
Condition: Mint condition in mint package
First edition vintage collectables

This is an original set of Toy Story Kids Meal Figurines from Burger King.These were to promote the original Toy Story video release. Includes all 8 figurines.
– Woody has a lasso controlled by a thumbwheel on his back and his arms and legs are poseable.
– Buzz Lightyear has a button on his back- press it to hear space laser sound. His arms and legs are poseable.
– Alien is made of soft vinyl- squeeze him and his eyes pop out! Also comes with claw from claw game. See if you can pick him up!
– Hamm has a coin sticking out of his slot. Push it down and Hamm rolls across the table!
– Slinky Dog is a windup. He rolls forward and his spring stretches!
– Stroll ’n’ Scope Lenny is a windup and his eyes roll around in his binoculars!
– Bo Peep is a spin-top. Wind her up and she spins round and round!
– Jawbreaker Scud has a wind-up mechanism. He runs forward while chomping his mouth open and closed!

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one set available.

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