1987 – 88 Original California Raisins 2 sets


Year: 1987 -88
Manufacturer: Hardees, California Raisin Board
Condition: Mint condition
First edition vintage collectable

This is the one that started it all, the golden era of toys in food restaurants. The California Raisins were wildly popular in 1987 when the first set of 4 figurines were release by Hardees to promote their cinnamon raisin rolls. These are the original rock band raisins, with the singer, sax player, and two backup singers. Set two came out the next year at Hardees, with six figures: the skateboarder, roller skater, surfer, boom box dude, trumpet player and guitar player. Figures are painted in bright colors and average about 2” tall each.

The 1987 set has “©1987 CALRAB” (California Raisin Board) on one foot and “CALIFORNIA RAISINS” on the other. The 1988 set has “1988 CALRAB” and “MFG. APPLAUSE INC.”

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