1977 STAR WARS Topps Movie Photo Cards & Stickers Sets 1,2,3

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Year: 1977 and 1978
Manufacturer: Topps
Condition: Near mint condition
1st edition vintage collectables

First edition vintage collectable

Topps released the original Star Wars collector cards beginning in 1977. Each set contains a stunning variety of photos taken from the original movie. Each card looks as good as the day they were first printed. An amazing 230 cards and stickers total! Each is 2.5″ x 3/5″ in size. Mint condition. No bent corners, folds, scratches or curling. Collected and stored back in 1977 until opened recently.

Each set contains 66 heavyweight collector cards, The fronts of the cards feature full color photos from the original 1977 movie. The backs of each card feature a variety of artwork and photos which make up 2 picture puzzles per set. Other cards contain storylines, statistics about the movie actor’s profiles and more. Also a partial wax cover wrapper for each of the 3 sets, cut to the size of the cards with the back of the wrapper removed. Sorry, the sticks of gum are long gone.

These are complete sets 1, 2, and 3. Note: One missing card #143.

Set 1 contains cards 1 – 66, and stickers 1 – 11.

The backs of Card Set 1 contain the following:

28 section picture puzzle of group artwork by A. Napoli.

16 pc. interior cockpit photo puzzle of Millenium Falcon with Han, Chewie, Obie Wan, and Luke Skywalker.

11 piece story line summary

11 piece movie facts


Set 2 contains cards 67 – 132, and stickers 12 – 22.

The backs of Card Set 2 contain the following:

24 section photo puzzle of Chewbacca (14″ x 15″)

20 section photo puzzle of Tuscan Raider (12.5″ x 14″)

11 pc. Actor’s Profiles

11 pc. Movie Facts


Set 3 contains cards 133 – 198, and stickers 23-33.

The backs of Card Set 3 contain the following:

24 section photo puzzle of R2D2 and CP30 in front of Luke’s X wing fighter. (14″ x 15″)

20 section photo puzzle of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo. (14″ x 12.5″)

22 official description cards of the movie plot.

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